Lookie — Lookie what I found in land deeds!

In these days of Ancestry.com quick and easy family connections, etc. don’t be fooled by thinking that you are getting the real story. The dates, family names, etc may be correct BUT all that leaves out the STORIES.

In searching through “stuff” that I discovered in an old trunk before my Grandfather died, I discovered a legal looking document proclaiming that he and my Grandmother had purchased 50 acres in Haralson County just after they were married. So I hurried up to the Court House in that neighboring county and easily found said purchase. My Father was born in that little house in 1902. —- Looking further I discovered that a few years later they sold that little farm to a Sims fellow.

Now, this perked me up because my wife (Betty Sims) grew up on a little farm in Haralson County. My Grandfather sold this house and farm to John Starling Sims and a son was born to that family in 1905 by the name of William Newton. THIS IS BETTY’S FATHER!!!


By searching land deeds (and having some knowledge of family names and dates wonderful revelations can and do occur.

Donald Levans, President CCGS