Carroll County Obituary Index

The Obituary Index is a free listing of the names of deceased persons found in newspapers published in Carroll County, Georgia. The microfilmed newspapers, which are a product of the Georgia Newspaper Project, University of Georgia Libraries, are housed in Special Collections at the Neva Lomason Library, Carrollton, Georgia.

The database index includes deceased name, death date, residence, and spouse’s name. To date, there are about 75,000 obituaries in this searchable database (and growing). The years covered are 1872-2018. More data is added each week by CCGS volunteers.

One of the county newspapers, Carroll Free Press, 1883–1922, has already been digitized through a project of the Digital Library of Georgia, and will not be included in this CCGS online database. The issues may be accessed from the link above.

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Obtaining Images of Obituaries

While the Obituary Index is free, the scanned obituary images are not. Access to these images is included in CCGS membership, or for non-members through a 30-day $10 subscription.

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Payment will be made through PayPal. Funds collected will be used to maintain the index and to upload additional databases.

For a hassle-free experience, we suggest that CCGS members and obituary subscribers log-in from the Home Page before searching the index. If you attempt to view an obituary image without first logging in, you will be asked to log-in or subscribe now.

Caveats and Tips

  • If you get too many results in your search, try entering the last name first or enclosing the entire name in quotation marks.
  • In some instances, the microfilmed newspapers were blurry or dark; the images presented here are the best available.
  • The index may contain spelling errors or incorrect data in spite of our indexers making every effort to transcribe and re-check all entries thoroughly. No attempt was made to correct known inaccuracies, such as misspelled names, found in the newspaper source.
  • Obituary differences have resulted in varying information entered into the residence field. In some entries, place of death is given; in others, the last place of residence is stated. When no geographic location is mentioned, None Given is entered in the residence field.
  • The obituary image may be downloaded to your computer and printed using Adobe tools. However, the index information cannot be downloaded. You will need to copy the index information using the copy function on your computer and then paste the information into your word processing program.

Note: All images are the property of The Times Georgian and may not be copied to another site without permission. The image may be used solely for personal and informational purposes and may not be modified or altered in any way.