Where Did your Ancestor Live in Carroll County? Sometimes it is not enough to know that your ancestor lived in Carroll County. It would be helpful to know where in the county he or she lived. The census records tell us where they lived at ten-year intervals, but what about those years in between? Merchant’s Ledgers and other record books may help to answer that question.

Since Winter 2015, we have published in the quarterly journals of CCGS abstractions of a merchant’s ledger starting January 7, 1884. It contains names of people who purchased goods from this merchant, what they bought (very interesting!) and what they paid for it. There is no mention of who the merchant is or where his store is located. If any of our readers recognize names and can give us a clue of locality, please let us know. Any replies can be addressed to

Recently, I was loaned two more ledgers—both from the Center Point Store run by Z. L. Levans for the years 1909 and 1910. Can’t say for sure, but I suspect this is a different location than the purchasers who are in the 1884 ledger. Center Point is a community just north of the city of Carrollton.

Still another record book (but not a merchant’s ledger) titled “Justice Docket 1882″ from another section of the county was found on the shelves of Special Collections at Neva Lomason Library. This is from G.M.D. 1006, which is in the northwest part of the county.

These abstractions can be found online in the Fall 2017 issue of the Carroll County Genealogical Quarterly. Perhaps information from these ledgers can add a little more history to your family story.

Our quarterlies are full of little gems like this. Members of the CCGS have full access to all back issues of these publications. They can be accessed through the Members Only Section here at our web site.