World War I 100th Anniversary

Individual History of Carroll County Soldiers

Christian Montcriol is a retired French school teacher who now lives in Carrollton with his wife (a professor at University of West Georgia).  He brought with him a deep interest in the history of World War I, especially with a sincere gratitude for the contribution that young American men made to his country’s freedom during the “Great War.”

While visiting the Carroll County Veteran’s Memorial Park in 2013, he discovered the listing of 22 soldiers from Carroll County who were killed in France during that conflict.

This became a passion for Christian; he began a detailed search for every young person from Carroll County who served in WWI by searching not only military records but records after they returned to civilian life—where they are buried, etc.  He now has information on hundreds of these heroes!

This massive data base about these ancestors of ours is now being freely shared so that anyone interested can access this valuable genealogical information.

The American soldiers of Carroll County during WWI: Who were they?

  • age, race, job, residence, number
  • enlisted or inducted; how, where, when
  • overseas or not; how long
  • killed; where, how
  • position in the military; rank, branch
  • where they are buried