GENEALOGY EXPO – Spring 2023:

We invite the public and members to join us on Saturday, March 25th at the Neva Lomason Library in Carrollton, GA. The Expo will begin at 10:00a.m. and will end at 1:00p.m. There is no charge and is open to the public. We encourage you to pre-register to for seating. The following classes will be presented: Finding Your Ancestors, How to Organize Your Genealogy Information, Online Internet Search Resources, and Hands on Research.

Carrollton, GA  City Hall - 1916
Mystery photo: The back of this photo indicates that it was made in November 1916 in front of the Carrollton, GA City Hall. Most of the women are wearing ribbons and are sporting huge smiles. Do you know the news story behind this picture? If you do, email us at We’d love to know!